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Flow Tribe Circle


In the months before June, 2020, our tribe meets the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month to gain clarity on our vision for ourselves, and to support each other in the challenges we face as we flow toward that vision.

Here you will find the replays of all of our Flow Tribe Circle calls, as well as resources and links to help you on your journey. 

January Call #1

What is Flow?

Our first Flow Circle Meetup!

We discuss the 8 characteristics of Flow

and the 4 stages of getting into the flow.

Tapping away anxiety

29 minutes and 30 seconds in, Paty leads us in an EFT tapping session to release anxiety. Come back to this one again and again!

Go Fucking Do It

This call asks us to consider our big visions, aims and intentions between the start of the year and 6 months from now.

Do you know what you want to do, but sometimes have trouble staying committed? This week we used www.gofuckingdoit.com for MAJOR motivation. 

Use gofuckingdoit.com to put your money where your mouth is and REALLY commit to your vision.

January Call #2

Flow Calendaring

Download your Flow Calendar Guide

Click to download your printable Flow Calendar Guide for 2020:

The Art of Flow Calendaring

Listen along with the video to write your notes and prepare your year for flow!

Release Limiting Beliefs

Release limiting beliefs with an EFT session with Paty, beginning at 59 minutes and 30 seconds in. 

February Call #3

The 5 C's of a Flow Personality

Clarity. Choice. Commitment. Center. Challenge.

Many of us are probably already accidentally using these 5 C’s…research shows that those who are often in flow are most often personality types who incorarate these 5 “C’s” in their lives regularly. 

Listen along, and imagine how super-powered we can become when we intentionally work with the 5 C’s in our day.

Getting CLARITY on our vision for 2020.

Remembering that we have a CHOICE, and we’ve chosen to do whatever it is we’re doing (especially helpful for the not-so-fun parts of our dreams, like financial planning for a new building we want to buy, etc.)

Visualize golden light

Meditate with Paty, beginning at 32 minutes and 30 seconds in. 

February Call #4

Fear Setting

Check out the original Fear-Setting Story

Before you jump in you may want some inspiration from the inventor of this exercise, Tim Ferriss:

Fear Setting with Tim Ferriss

Here are the key steps to journal with:
1) Define your fears. Make a list. Get really clear on what exactly the worst-case scenario is, What would it look like if that happened?

2) Feel into it. (Ouch) On a scale of 1-10, how much of a permanent impact would this have on your life if the worst came to pass? 

3) Now take one fear at a time, and next to each fear branch out a list of what you would do to repair or mitigate the worst from happening. How would you deal?

4) Now imagine the not-so-worst happened, that you used the above steps and it’s only kinda-bad. What is the scale of 1-10 impact on your life permanently of this (perhaps more probable)  event coming to pass?

5) Take each fear, and now write out that Cost of Inaction. What happens if you do nothing?

6) What are you waiting for? Now really consider, in the light of your fears and the cost of inaction, which is worse? Is anything still holding you back?

Visualize and Meditate

Paty heals our frightened lil hearts with a beautiful visualization and meditation practice at 51:20.

March Call #6

We Commune when Crisis Hits

Our lives have been turned upside down by the Coronavirus Pandemic effects everyone on our planet.

We’re so grateful to be able to come together with you in these times on uncertainty and anxiety. In this call, we share our experiences and stories, and support each other through listening and affirmations. 

Meditation with Paty

32 minutes and 34 seconds in, Paty leads us in a beautiful meditation to connect us to our hearts and the present moment. 



Stone cold motivation--put your money where your mouth is. Put Jessica or Paty as your accountability partner!

Flow the audiobook

The lead researcher behind Flow states reads through his research on positive psychology. Entertaining and practical.

Fear Setting

Try this exercise to put your mind at rest. Tim Ferris recounts his history of countering a shadow side of depression with this flow chart for what scares you.

The Rise of Superman

Full audiobook on Youtube.
This is the first of Steven Kotler's ongoing series on flow states, studying flow in extreme athletes. Not going to lie, thought I would hate it, but there is BIG wisdom here.

Stealing Fire

Full audiobook on Youtube.
Part 2 in the ongoing study of Flow by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.

Design Your Life

A summary of the book that guides you through experiments in living a life that you love.

Show 'n Tell

Share your favorite resources with our Flow Tribe! 

Click the button below to access a live doc where we can all add resources that remind us of each other.

Great videos, podcasts, books,  just add it into the doc if you come across comething you just have to share with us 🙂